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Bomann Norge AS Has Launched Its New Website To Provide Its Clients with the Online Service

Norway - Bomann® Norge AS has launched its new website which aims to assist interested parties in buying cabinets and sliding doors. The aim comes with the objective to sell the markets most attractive brands to the absolute lowest price and are proclaimed as the experts in wardrobe.

The process is quite simple, the customers can visit the site and avail the service of free home visit for customers nearby their stores by filling up a simple form. On visit, we provide an expert advice and take correct measures to propose offers that suit you and your wardrobe dream. Apart from this, the customers can browse around the site to view the different offers and their products, such as sliding doors, inclined doors, folding doors, classic doors, walk-in doors, hinged doors along with interior services including wall mounted interiors and so on. Also each product has its short description with sample images as well as its interior services. The site is also piled up with all the different door shut textures, The rungs which are used for the support of the doors as well as different styles which the customers can select from. This includes 8 different profiles or grippers to choose from such as frameless which is our most elegant and minimalist profile. The Pacific profile is the most versatile wardrobe because it has the most choices when it comes to border color, you can get it as a hinged doors and the corner profiles. The Artic is an option for those who want a minimalist stylish wardrobe. It combines contemporary design and understated elegance with high quality materials and so on. The products like doors and the mirror frames is made of aluminum, steel or other, causing very rare problems apart from this we provide lifetime warranty on casters and wheels, 30 years of warranty on norscan products and purchases and 5 years warranty on all other products. If any queries the customers can simply fill in the contact form which will be processed and the customers will be contacted as soon as possible. We also provide installation instructions in the form of pdf files and videos which can be downloaded through our websit at

Skapnett BoMann Norge AS



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